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October 21, 2018

Is Staying in a Villa in Thailand Expensive?

Going to Thailand on holiday can be a great experience. Deciding where to stay is not always straightforward. There are so many options. Accommodation to meet all budgets and so many different locations. Getting the perfect accommodation for your family is quite the responsibility. You may not go on holiday often and this is the big one to let your hair down. You see a villa on a booking site and are tempted. Is staying in a villa in Thailand expensive? Let’s dig into it!

Traveling in a Group?

The lure of a villa may become a sensible option if you are traveling as a group. If you are 4, 6 or more people then you are going to have book multiple hotel rooms. When you add up the cost per person, this comes out to be quite expensive. When you look at the cost of a villa, it may look expensive upfront but when you do these calculations again it turns out to be quite reasonable. For example let’s take the villa in the photo above. This costs $261 a night in the low season. It has an occupancy of 4 people. This means that per night per person it is just over $65 per person. This is of course not the cheapest and you could find other properties in the same location for as low as $30 a night for 2 people sharing but for the luxury of a villa this is more than reasonable.

Check the Amenities of a Villa

The comparison made above is just the start really. If you want to look at how it becomes even more valuable then it is simply a matter of checking the amenities. If you stay in a hotel / resort then the chances of getting a private swimming pool are extremely slim. Even if you book the premium accommodation in such a place you will not have a private swimming pool or jacuzzi. Villas are by definition generally luxurious. You will have more space with a large living room and you have access to these amenities more often than not. Where else can you stay in a place with a private swimming pool for $65 per person per night! Is staying in a villa in Thailand expensive? Sure. There are villas that go for stupid amounts per night, but there also some diamonds to be had. This is one of those diamonds.

Hidden Saving Benefits of a Villa

We have already covered how staying in a villa can be a good option if you take a vacation to Thailand in a group. The amenities will be more luxurious than staying in a resort and you can have an exceptional holiday. You would probably think that I am mad if I tell you that it is actually secretly a way you can also save money! It is true! Look at the photo above, what do you notice? A kitchen! Having a villa enables you access to a lovely kitchen more often than not. This lets you buy your own groceries and cook your own food saving money. Great times! I hope that this article has helped you to understand the hidden value of staying in a villa on your next vacation to Thailand. If you are traveling to Phuket and like the look of the photos in this article, you can see that property directly through this link.

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