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October 22, 2018

Roomfilla Partners with BnBChatbot

Special announcement for today is that Roomfilla is partnering with BnBChatbot. BnBChatbot creates tailor made dashboards for guests to use to find out more information about their upcoming trips. All the information is easily accessible for the guest when they want to view it. They can see tips about the location, nightlife and much more. Roomfilla has decided to make this collaboration so that our guests get access to these dashboards. Being at the forefront of short term rental technology is our aim and our early testing with BnBChatbot have been extremely positive.

Guest Information on Demand

We understand the world is now truly global. If someone books a property with us from the US, it is likely there is a 12 hour time difference. If they ask us questions, it can be difficult to get them a reply as quickly as we’d like due to this. What is the solution? BnBChatbot enables the guest to access a personal dashboard about their trip which they can access at any time, anywhere. The dashboard has frequently asked questions built into it, information on check in and is constantly evolving. We want our guests to have the information before they even think to ask it. That is one mighty challenge and one thing we think is entirely possible by using BnBChatbot.

Destroy all Humans

Wait.. what?! Obviously using a robot has advantages and I can understand how it may also lead to the feeling that we are inaccessible or unavailable to send you information directly. This is not true! We are still here to provide you with the best experience possible. The BnBChatbot is made to be an extension of our customer service and relations. Chances are that some of the questions you may have will be programmed into the BnBChatbot but if that isn’t the case or if you want to ask us something directly, you of course can and we are more than happy to provide you with those answers.

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