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October 25, 2018

Why Create Roomfilla Rentals Booking Site?

You may be wondering why we created Roomfilla Rentals as a property booking website? It is something that we thought about a lot! There are good reasons to create a booking website and good reasons not to create a booking website. Ultimately, we wanted to give our customers a place to book directly with us. Booking direct saves money as customers do not have to pay a third party booking fee. It also benefits us as we can create a deeper connection to our customers.

As Roomfilla has grown, we realize that our customers tend to be exploring the Southeast Asian region where we have a high level of properties. It is our goal to provide our guests with a great experience in every single location. With this in mind, we want them to be happy, have a great holiday and if we can offer them another property along the way, we want them to have that choice. No hard-sell or anything, just choice. Building up quite the client base also enables us to offer our customers special deals if they return to us in the future. Online travel agencies are great, they do bring in bookings. The price of these bookings is expensive however. A site like AirBnB adds a whopping 9-23% increase in the price. By booking directly with us, you save this amount. This is good for you, and good for us.

As we continue to expand our inventory, we also continue to expand our professionalism. We only want properties on our books that make guests happy. There is a stringent set of standards that our properties must adhere to and our professional level of customer support ensures guests are taken care of. Of course, Roomfilla wants to offer you the best unique experiences possible and this is only possible through the deep relations we forge with each and every partner. Fancied staying in a bamboo bungalow before? Of course you have! You can book it now here.

As we continue to slowly add our properties onto this website we make the following guarantees and commitments to our customers and partners. We appreciate you being with us on this journey and of course want to provide you exceptional services and properties like the one above!


  • This will be the cheapest place to find Roomfilla Properties
  • We’ll be running special offers and promotions on this site that you won’t find elsewhere!
  • Direct bookings on this site will receive fast confirmations, answers to questions and enquiries in an enhanced manner. Running bookings through this site allows us to set up the tech processes to serve you better, faster, and more efficiently than anywhere else!
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